Monday, August 2, 2010

Ubuntu O2 prepaid internet stick – Ubuntu 10.04 LTS

Ubuntu 10.04 LTS O2 Qualcomm 3G icon howto.
O2 prepaid internet stick.

Install usb_modeswitch and comgt (comgt is necessary if the stick has a sim with PIN code)
sudo apt-get install usb-modeswitch comgt

Create new file
sudo mcedit /etc/usb_modeswitch.d/1e0e\:f000
with content:
# Option iCON 210
# Contributor: wahlm
DefaultVendor= 0x1e0e
DefaultProduct= 0xf000

TargetVendor= 0x1e0e
TargetProduct= 0x9000
TargetClass= 0xff



Insert the stick

Check device id

Create new ppp connection (Choose CHAP authentication, name it o2-prepaid)
sudo pppconfig

Create connect script (./o2-prepaid-stick-connect):
sudo usb_modeswitch -c /etc/usb_modeswitch.d/1e0e\:f000
sudo modprobe usbserial vendor=0x1e0e product=0x9000
sudo comgt -d /dev/ttyUSB2
sudo pon o2-prepaid

Run script:
$ sudo ./o2-prepaid-stick-connect
Looking for target devices ...
Found devices in target mode or class (1)
Looking for default devices ...
No default device found. Is it connected? Bye.

Enter PIN number: ****
Waiting for Registration..(120 sec max).
Registered on Home network: "o2 - de",2
Signal Quality: 15,99
Done! It works!

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