Monday, January 10, 2011

Project Management Approach - Getting things done - Part 1

Waterfall and Agile Development - The successful mix !!!

Software development parts: planning, main development, implementing unpredicted tasks, tests & fixes, launch.

Preliminary conditions:
1) Don't start working without a plan
2) Take as much time as it takes in order to cover all project aspects (from the basic idea to every project's page)
3) Write down all project features (project description); this list will constitute the User Story (term used in Agile Development)
4) Create the Tasks List; this contains all user stories translated into programming tasks

Project implementation - depending on project size, you may change the values below:

4 day delivery
Main development - 2-3 days
Implementing unpredicted tasks - 0.5 days
Tests & fixes - 0.5 days
Launch - 0.2 days

3 day delivery
Main development - 2 days
Implementing unpredicted tasks - 0.4 days
Tests & fixes - 0.5 days
Launch - 0.1 days

In time, you will discover that planning is everything. Assuming the functionality is implemented 100% perfect, the success of the project depends ONLY on the quality of planning and specifications.

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