Tuesday, August 16, 2011

WTX - Wstats Trafic Index - new Wstats.net Index

Wstats Trafic Index - WTX

WTX is the newest and most important indicator for a website and a user.
The four most important values for a website (Visitors, Visits, Pageviews, Bounce) are used to compute WTX, according to the formula:

Avg1 = (Visitors + Visits + Pageviews) / 3;
Val1 = (Visitors + Visits + Avg1) / 3;
Val2 = sqrt(1 + (1 - Bounce / 100));
WTX = 17 * sqrt(Val1 * Val2);
sqrt - square root

WTX index for a user is the sum of all WTX indexes of the websites belonging to the user.

This is a major update for Wstats.net, now every user having a public indicator that can be consulted anytime, by anyone, an indicator which doesn't divulge the private values: visitors, visits, pageviews or bounce rate, but yet offers an image of the user's activity.

User example: http://wstats.net/en/user/eydos
Website example: http://wstats.net/en/website/sursadestiri.ro

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