Thursday, November 10, 2011

Eclipse - do not create project file (change project file default location)

For some reasons you don't want Eclipse to create the .project file at the same location with the files of the project (maybe you don't have write permissions to the root folder of the project).

The goal is to change .project file location for Eclipse.

Solution: Linked Resources.
You can create a virtual folder (variable) and then include it in the project, created at another location. Changing anything in the virtual folder will change it at the original location.

1) Create a new project; location for the project: local hdd, anywhere...
2) Go to: Window->Preferences->General->Workspace->Linked Resources and create a new resource that points to the folder you need
3) In the project you created at 1) right click and select "New folder" -> Advanced and include the variable (virtual folder)
4) Done! Fixed!

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